Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Matthew "Lures" In a Whopper!

As you can see...Matthew has been hard at work fine-tuning his "fisher-of-fish" skills. This big boy was caught in our pond behind our house (what else is in there?). It's really cool, a pre-civil war pond with maybe some old canons perhaps? Anyway...Pastor Thomas Powell of CC Virginia Beach took this other picture of Matthew with his green umbrella (pretty cool) and at a recent (cold) outing for a Christmas Boat Parade on the York River. Do we all look cold???


Matt said...

Hey Matt
awesome fish
reminds me of the name of our youth service that we have out here on the first sunday evening of each month called "The Catch"
keep on fishing
both fish and men :) Matthew 4:19

God Bless u Guys
Love Matt

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