Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Blog Has Been Officially Retired

Our blog has officially been retired.  A lot has changed since our first post here on December 6, 2006.  When our church first began, social media was barely in its infancy.  Twitter, Facebook, Google + was unknown and it's usage was very minimal.  As a young church, God was doing a new work here in Williamsburg by establishing CalvaryCW. However,  with a small team and resources, all we had was a desire to equip, encourage, and educate believers in Jesus Christ as well as fulfill his commission by sharing his gospel of salvation.  Yet, we wanted to share with our church family from California and others what God was doing.  The answer:  The free blog.  Fast forward, God has done incredible things 8 years later.  Who would have thought that God would bless us tremendously?  From a simple blog, we know have a complete website as well as social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, our services are now broadcast over the internet.  We have been able to air Pastor Tom's messages on internet and terrestrial radio throughout the United States!  So things are changing.  Frankly, everyone inquiring about us has been reaching out to us via our website and Facebook.  We have seen viewers nearly disappear from this blog.  As good stewards, we want to put our resources where the people are.  So that's why we are retiring this blog.

But don't worry, it's not going away.  It's become our "pillar of stones".  A memorial and testimony of what the Lord Jesus has done through these years.  It's a reminder that if you simply teach the word of God.  You will see lives change.  You will see families be called out to the mission fields.  You will the children grow into young adults with a passion for Jesus Christ.  So yeah, we may look a little younger back in 2006, and sure, things definitely change but there is one thing that will never:

We are a church who believes in the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  We love people just like Jesus loves us.  And we teach his word, the Bible: Verse by Verse. 

So come visit our website and Facebook page.  We've got great things going on and we want you to be apart of what God is doing!


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